This badge is about how i present king lairs extract a. In my opinion i think that this setting is presented in a  uncontrollable and aggressive mood. The reason i think so is because it says phrases such as “sulphurous and thought-executing fires”. And that it says at the start of the extract,”blow,winds and crack […]

the task Your task is to find and explain the quotation from a piece of writing to support an idea that you have about a character,setting or would read the extract from Ender’s game below and answer the question provided in a single paragraph. question how does the author ,Orson scott card, present the […]

The story of king lear and his three daughters is an amazing story filled with love greed and. And so this story began with a rich and wealthy man who owned all the land in Elizabethan England. He had three daughters however he was very greedy and the only person he cared for on that planet […]

Open your mouth to puff out wind and leave cracks on your cheeks . blow smoke out of all of the holes in your body and again drain out all of the oxygen that has been produced in your body  and blow it out as if it was the first time you took a puff […]

I sincerely apologize for what i did to you. I fully regret what i did to you and cannot imagine how embarrassed, depressed and heart broken you must of felt after what i did to you. By any means i am not trying to send a threat saying that if you do not forgive me […]

You three come at once so thou knows who shall love thi the most. Whoever is to convince thi the most shall earn half of the land from the kingdom. Starting from Goneril and so on, all of you shall tell thi doth love us most. Goneril Oh my ever so magnificent lord; i love […]

This essay will be about how shakespeare has described the three sisters love between king lear. Goneril In this story i think that the way shakespeare has described Goneril is as a very false and manipulative person. An example of Goneril acting in this sort of way is when she said dearer than eyesight,space,liberty. And […]